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Lacey WA

Lacey, Washington is a suburb of Olympia and is known for being a “Green Power Community.” It aspires to fully power municipal energy with green alternatives and provide electric vehicle charging at city hall and the library. Of course, residents of this unique locale are not immune to personal injury. If you need legal advice, consider Putnam Lieb Potvin.

Areas of Practice

There are many situations in which one might need a personal injury attorney. Any time your accident is someone else’s fault, there is potential liability. While some circumstances are straightforward, not all are. Consult a lawyer who specializes in one of these areas.

Wrongful death lawyers can help a family seek reparations when a loved one was killed. Whether through a vehicle accident, fall or something more complex, such as medical negligence, an attorney is essential. Dealing with a loss should not come with the added hassle of legal paperwork.

A workers comp lawyer may be necessary for an injury on the job. Some industries are naturally more hazardous, but any accident that was not the employee’s fault should be compensated. Employer-funded insurance often pays only the minimum necessary. An attorney can get more appropriate compensation.

Specific to Washington, an L&I attorney aids those seeking benefits through the labor and industry program. Often these are short term. For long-term assistance, a disability attorney can help you file the appropriate forms. He or she can gather information on your disability from medical professionals to submit your claim.

Auto accident attorneys are well-versed in the laws regarding vehicle accidents. This can include private cars, motorcycles, and big trucks. Vehicle accidents are all too common, and many people assume that insurance will cover a claim. For victims with significant medical expenses, this is all too often not enough.

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Let Putnam Lieb Potvin help you with your personal injury claims. This team of lawyers and attorneys has been acclaimed as one of the most skilled in the Pacific Northwest. Call for a consultation by dialing (360) 754-7707 or toll free at 800-225-4529.