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Tumwater WA

Tumwater is one of the most affluent cities in Thurston County. Its warm summers and gorgeous landscapes draw young families to the area. Tumwater residents who are looking for a reliable attorney for a personal injury claim can depend on Putnam Lieb Potvin.

Areas of Practice

Choose an attorney that specializes in personal injury. At Putnam Lieb Potvin, each attorney is experienced in multiple areas.

Car crashes are frighteningly common. Fortunately, most are only small fender-benders. Whether the accident is small or large, filing a claim with insurance can be more of a hassle than anticipated. When you hire an auto accident attorney to assist you, he or she will work to get you the full amount you deserve.

Not all accidents can be resolved so easily, and many result in a loss of life. When dealing with grief, financial concerns should not be an added burden. Wrongful death lawyers help the family of a victim receive appropriate compensation. Though money cannot lessen the loss, it can help with the associated expenses.

Work-related injuries are becoming more common as employers push for long hours and underpaid employees take on a second job to make ends meet. If you were hurt at work due to unsafe conditions, a workers compensation, or “comp lawyer” can help. You may be entitled to assistance with medical expenses and compensated for your time away from work.

No matter how an injury was sustained, if it prevents you from doing your job, you might be able to file for disability benefits. Most claims are denied due to a lack of supporting evidence. Hire a disability attorney who is familiar with the process to help you apply and, if necessary, appeal a denial. For long-term disability, an L&I attorney is a critical legal advisor.

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To have someone from Putnam Lieb Potvin evaluate your personal injury claim, schedule a consultation appointment. Call the main office at (360) 754-7707 or through the toll free line at 800-225-4529.