Pursuing Third-Party Liability Claims

While Washington law allows workers' compensation claims to cover lost wages and medical expenses, it prohibits workers from suing employers or fellow workers for on-the-job injuries. If defective products or negligence caused your workplace injury, you could initiate a third- party liability claim to seek the financial compensation you deserve.

The experienced lawyers at the Olympia firm of Putnam Lieb Potvin Dailey understand that often, more compensation is available to an injured worker than just the proceeds from a workers' comp claim. Through a third-party claim, we can leverage our experience and knowledge of the law to pursue the maximum financial benefit for your situation.

Third-Party Injury Examples

Injuries suffered at work qualify for third-party lawsuits in many ways. Here are some examples:

  • A delivery driver or other traveling worker who is injured in a car collision caused by the negligence of another driver
  • A construction worker injured by a scaffolding collapse or a defective machine
  • A long-haul truck driver injured in an accident caused by a lack of road maintenance

Consultation with a workers' compensation attorney is essential to uncover the potential of your case. The workers' compensation lawyers at Putnam Lieb Potvin Dailey have skills attained over three decades of litigation. We do not collect a fee for our services unless you receive compensation for your case.

Other Damages In Third-Party Cases

Medical conditions may also qualify for third-party liability claims in Washington if they were caused, for example, by exposure to a harmful substance. Mental illnesses from workplace-related trauma or a head injury could also result in compensation under a third-party claim. This type of claim also applies for medical assistance benefits and in automobile insurance claims and medical expenses claims.

You deserve full compensation for your workplace-related injury or illness. Call Putnam Lieb Potvin Dailey today at 360-596-9539 or 877-551-2871 to schedule a free initial consultation or contact us online with this form.

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