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Helping you secure damages following a car accident

The roadways can be a very busy and fast paced area in Washington and other states across the nation. However, there does not need to be traffic or many vehicles on the roadway for an accident to ensue. While some automobile collisions are simply an accident that cannot be avoided, many are unfortunately a result of a motorist being negligent or reckless. Whether it is caused by traveling too fast, texting while driving, failing to signal a turn, failing to check mirrors and blind spots before a lane change or driving while intoxicated, a car accident could seriously injure a victim and significantly affect his or her life.

Increased rate of fatal pedestrian crashes in Washington

Winter weather can make for a beautiful holiday season, but it can also create hazardous road conditions. For residents and travelers in Washington and other states in the north, snow can create slick driving conditions. This is why drivers are urged to reduce their speeds and drive with caution; however, some motorists fail to do so.

Lawyers can help victims after injuries in a crash

Leaving the house in one's car in the morning, many Olympia residents do not realize that they are about to engage in a dangerous activity that could cost them their life. When one is driving, they typically follow traffic rules and expect others on the road are doing the same. Unfortunately, millions across the country get behind the wheel every day and hundreds die in tragic and fatal auto accidents daily, a majority of them caused by another's negligence.

Are drivers distracted by hands free technology in the car?

In most vehicles, when a driver gets behind the wheel their phone connects automatically to their car. Using technology, drivers can switch channels on the radio, answer phones and even dictate text messages. Many motorists consider this safer than having the actual phone in their hand, as their eyes rarely have to leave the road while performing these functions. They figure they are less distracted while driving as a result.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month highlights dangers of act

Though 97 percent of drivers recognize that texting and driving is dangerous, 45 percent of those same people admit that they have either read an email or a text while driving within the last month, and 35 percent have sent an email or text. These survey findings demonstrate that distracted driving is still a cause of concern, as nine people die daily in auto accidents related to it.

We help seek compensation for catastrophic injuries

Washington residents likely have a routine set out for their day. This likely includes getting out on the roadways at different points during the day. Driving has become such a second nature to most people that they don't even realize how dangerous of an activity it is and the risks associated with it. it is only until someone becomes injured in an auto accident caused by someone else's negligence that one realizes the hazards on the road and the stark reality that a driver can be cautious as he or she wants, but if surrounding motorists are not careful, there is little that can be done to avoid an wreck.

Washington's pure comparative negligence laws

Becoming injured in an auto accident is a traumatic event for Washington residents and leaves emotional and physical scars that can take both a long time and a lot of medical treatment to recover from. Medical bills result from treatment and one way to recoup medical bills is by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the driver at fault for the accident. However, one reason accident victims hesitate from getting the justice they deserve is because they are also at fault in the accident and are unsure of the laws surrounding their crash.

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